Country Retreat

Chelsea SW3

In the heart of London’s Fulham, a two-bedroom apartment was transformed into peaceful haven by our team, inspired by relaxed country living. The challenge was to seamlessly blend this rustic charm with the contemporary setting.

Honky Interior Design Country Retreat 1
Honky Interior Design Country Retreat 2

A serene, neutral palette was chosen with a reinterpretation of traditional detailing with a modern twist. The walls were brought to life with subtle, swirling specialist paints, creating a sense of movement and softness throughout the space.

Touches of wrought iron, rustic woods, and soft linens gently pay homage to the beauty of the farm and countryside. Skilfully woven leathers and polished concrete, crafted by local artisans, underscore the fusion of traditional and contemporary elements.

Honky Interior Design Country Retreat 3
Honky Interior Design Country Retreat 4

The interior an eclectic mix of artifacts and a carefully curated art, further enriching the marriage of old and new. Warm hues of burgundy and caramel, along with slubbed linens and intricate jacquard patterns, were thoughtfully selected to infuse the space with warmth and texture.

Honky Interior Design Country Retreat 5

In the heart of it all, a seating area with flowing skirted upholstery is elegantly framed by a rustic sisal rug, featuring a leather-bound edge that encapsulates the essence of this countryside chic retreat in the heart of London.

Honky Interior Design Country Retreat 6
Honky Interior Design Country Retreat 7

Creamy panelled walls provide an elegant backdrop for the principal bedroom. Here, the bed is adorned with natural bedspreads crafted from hand-spun wool, accompanied by textured cushions and rustic woods that harmonize with the overall tranquil colour scheme. Bespoke artwork, meticulously fashioned from hand-made papers, pays homage to the talented local artisans one might discover while meandering down picturesque country lanes.

Honky Interior Design Country Retreat 8

In the second bedroom, the palette mirrors the vast expanse of greys and blues that stretch across the horizon, anchored by the rich textures and woods that envelop the custom-made bed.